Unable to short shares

I can’t short shares in CNC. Error- check rms rule. check holdings, no holdings for the account XXXXX.
Is it not possible to short sell the share in delivey?

no, it not available in india, if u want to need to short it in MIS and close within 3.20 pm same day means buy it back. if u want to carry to need to short it in futures.

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i can short it in MIS then convert it in CNC…Is it possible?


Read this link

Yes u can provided that u have bought those exact or higher number of shares already in cash market/delivery.
CNC means cash and carry. So u get the jist.

No if

  1. you’ve no holdings of that, OR
  2. there is already a pending exit order for the CNC holdings

Yes if

  1. none of the above, AND
  2. you are holding N shares where N is equal to or more than the current CNC sell order’s quantity

CNC is for holding stock in once account more than one day. To sell under CNC one should have stock in the DP first.

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