Unable to trade OTM strikes for Tatamotors stock options

Far OTM strike prices are not visible in Kite when a stock moves drastically in a single session.  Today, TATAMOTORS went up 20% and all CE strikes above 485 were not available in Kite.

Traders don’t have a choice to buy debit spreads (ATM or OTM) around 500. Not possible to sell OTM strangles or straddles.

Why is Kite not displaying new strike prices as and when the stock touches new highs in same session?

NSW website option chain for TATAMOTORS Today indicates that there was trading in CE upto 520 strike.


they added those strikes today only due to drastic movement in underlying.
When ever there is a new strike added by NSE, it will available to trade from the next day (in zerodha).

There was adequate traded volume in 520 CE yesterday itself. Is NSE allowing access to new strike prices to only few brokers on the same day?

i think the other way, like NSE will not restrict brokers, infact all are equal.
But brokers may be restricting it due to some reasons.
may be @siva can clarify this.

i had asked the same. the thread got delisted.
no one from zerodha has answered/clarified why it so that strikes are blocked at broker but not at exchange!

Hi @Ragavendran_V,
The exchange provides us with contracts that are not tradeable and keeps them marked inactive. These are marked active by the exchange during the day. However, we are unable to allow this to be available to trade currently due to a change required in the internal process. We are working on a fix to ensure we can whitelist on the go.

Will update you once we have a solution for this.


yea… that’s what I said

Yeah , Please make this priority as lots of FNO stocks are crazy now even they move to 30% in single day. Its really difficult to fire fight in these situation as future are in Circuit ( so can’t hedge) and other strikes are not available to trade.

@Sensibull : We also don’t see new contracts on option chain in sensibull as well during the day. Can you also add the new strike during the day. At least for FNO Stocks hitting UC/LC.

@siva @nithin

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