Unable to understand the Margin Used and available balance

I have bought MIS Stock yesterday and sold it at end of the day, where the profit 26 is shown as part of ‘Margin Used’ as ‘-26’.
That should be added to account balance, 1000 + 26 = 1026. But today i have checked it and its not added and also now it is not even shown in ‘Margin Used’ value.
Is there any way that i can verify current day’s available value and previous day’s available value.

Have you received CN?
27 is just gross profit w/o any tax, brokerage etc.
Account is settled on t+1 basis

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@maddy_Des Thanks for your reply. I have received the CN.

I have traded on Tuesday and got the CN. As you mentioned, the account will be settled on T+1 basis i.e., on Wednesday. So on Wednesday morning i should have the profit added to the available money. Is this correct ? If yes, i still didn’t get it. Please confirm.

Also is there any way to download the Daily Margin Statement.

No no no no…
It’s after the day…

@maddy_Des. Yeah got it… Thank you :slight_smile: