Unable to use Signal Candle in Period Max function! Help!

Hello @Streak

I’m trying to create a condition that includes Signal Candle and Period Max functions but I’m unable to get signal candle inside Period Max.

is this an issue, or am I missing something??

please guide.

Hello @RadheGopal

Do note that you cannot use functions such as Opening range, Nth Candle, Signal Candle or Trade Candle inside the Period Min/Max Function. This is because, these functions are static value functions that will specifically fetch a given candle, even as new candles are created. However, the Period Min/Max function is a Dynamic Value function that will check on the latest given number of candles as and when the new candles are formed.

Thus due to the above logic, the Signal Candle or Trade Candle function cannot be used inside the Period Min/Max.

Hope this helps!