Understanding operator position in option

What is the definite way of understanding operators’ position (either of 4) in option trade on continuous basis ? I am not asking for previous day - clearly on continuos basis - means real time ?

Well for the retail segment I wonder whether this is really possible. The expensive way probably is to get a tick by tick feed from exchange and then build a custom order book to see what the big players are doing.

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That means retails has the freedom to enter but restricted to exercise freedom!

Ya I wonder with tick by tick feed accessible to a select few who can afford to pay is the market really a level playing field.

Well, in that case, can you please share what is the minimum volume that an operator trades with in options contracts ? In general they must be placing an order with a minimum qty - like, for me, a very small dot in this entire universe of options trade, it is 2 lots for BNF - because I can not afford more then that. So, everyone has his/ her own start point - could you please help me with that - that starting qty of volume by operator for ce and pe!

Eagerly waiting for your reply with Thanks in advance!

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Well I don’t really have that kind of info - the minimum volume an operator trades with. I am not an insider. I am an ordinary guy on the street. However because I run a business in this domain I get to see a lot of things in the fintech world. A client recently showed me his tick by tick data feed log remotely where stock prices were fluctuation in nS. That is pushing closer to the speed of light. The other interesting thing is that a good share of the trades that happen in the market is automated piece of code executing trades at a breath taking space with out human intervention. The retail just doesn’t have the tech, tools or money to create a system at that speed competing with machines who trade in the high frequency domain.

But I can say to you a very generic thing I have learned profitably trading the market. One doesn’t need tick by tick data, high frequency trading system, powerful computing resources, inside info on what others are doing including operators to make money from the market. I make my money buying weekly Nifty options, using a system that runs on the daily Nifty spot chart. Think about the pre computer past where people made money with delayed weekly price of stocks.

Well, thanks a ton for taking time out to answer with such detail explanation. I will follow your suggestion - it skipped my mind. However, it is a space for clever and intelligent decision that are the only weapon apart from knowledge shield for the retail investors like me.
Thanks again :+1:

if only someone built this for India …