Understanding TradeScript query output matching given criteria? Not clear which stock is matching and which does not?

I ran simple query LAST >  OPEN for Nifty 50 using Zerodha TradeScript using pi. It shows all 50 stocks as below. Is there any indicator which differentiates which stocks are matching my criteria and which does not match ?

Output looks exactly same even after I reverse the criteria LAST <  OPEN.

Note: I ran this query during market hours as well as after market hours. Same output.

NaMasTe TraDeR,

Refer to point 7 of the Zerodha Pi Scanner Troubleshoot Manual :


let me provide some additional information. Lets say, I want to find out list of stocks from nifty first having SMA of 20 days above SMA of 50 days. This is unlikely to change every min in a day for multiple companies during the day. Is there any way, I can fetch this kind of data using TradeScript ?