Unethical practices of trusted institution

there are many debates are going on regarding Derivative settlements, extending trading hours, these are all for few “ELITES” just go through this link and read , how unethical practices are rampant in our market.

NSE is fraud company. It’s not transparent. It is giving preference to high volume customers and ignoring retail traders.

One example. Lot size should be decided based on Rs. 5 lakhs value of stocks Qty. But even after stock is trading more than 10 lakhs it is still not revising the lot sizes.

Reason it dont want to lose the revenue. It is getting revenue based on % of turnover. Because of this traders are paying huge STT and Stamp duty.

Look at Maruti it is more than two times. So if anyone trading Maruti Futures will pay double stt and Stamp duty.

Maruti lot size is 150. CMP 8000. TOTAL value is 150 X 8000 = 1200000. it should be 5 lakhs.

Same for several stocks.