Unfair access to some at NSE

I have placed an order for buy at sell price, immediately sell price going up and my order not executed. this is in AmarajaBat Futures how this happens ?

is this happening at exchange or at broker level ?


While you are placing a buy order at the sell price, the buy order is yet to be placed but the sell order is already open. There is no guarantee that this buy order will execute at the best ask price.

The best ask price could either move up or even fall below your buy price by the time your order is placed.

This movement will also depend on the time of the day and the type of market the day is experiencing.

If there is a buy breakout in the stock, then it is only safe to say that the best ask price will only increase and it would be hard to catch any particular price.

If is the accumulation region before the breakout, then your buy order will most probably be executed even if the best ask price moves up a bit.

If it is a range bound market, then your buy order could get executed and the price of the stock might fall even below your buy price.

The best ask and bid prices are at the exchange level and common to all. No one has an unfair access to NSE. SEBI exists.

NaMasTe TraDeR,

When either of the exchanges are against each other bringing up claims of unfair trade practices you never know who is taking you for a ride. News article.

Also a majority of the brokers are involved in a process called market making.

All these things does not work for the best interest of retail traders. 

The best way is to protect your capital when you can and cut your losses short. If you smell something fishy with an order, cancel it and don't keep chasing the price.

At the time of placing order no transaction for more than a minute. Very sluggish movement. After I placed order, first ask price gone up and then my order displayed.