Union Budget -2020

Anybody tell exact date of budget , and share knowledge about budget 2020 in this forum

This year in winter session budget was presented on 1st Feb. So in 2020 it might be around that time as well.


2017, 2018, 2019 it was presented on 1st February, in 2020 1st Feb is on Saturday so dunno if budget will be presented then.

Thanks shubh ,

will there be any STT reduction ?

Your hard-earned money in your bank deposits is now insured up to Rs 5 lakh under DICGC Act. Earlier only Rs 1 Lakh was safe. Good move indeed!

It is still not clear who will pay the premium of insurance upto Rs 5 lakh coverage of bank deposits. As far I know, banks are not keen on taking the brunt. Depositors might have to bear the cost.

Dividend distribution tax (DDT) abolished. Companies will not be required to pay DDT.

Budget 2020 has shifted dividend distribution tax to individuals instead of companies. So investors would have to bear the brunt.

Revised income tax slabs as under:-

0-5L - no tax
5-7.5 L - 10%
7.5-10 L -15%
10L-12.5L - 20%
12.5L-15L - 25%
15L+ - 30%

A good move indeed for salaried employees.

The new tax slab is applicable to only those who do not take any benefit of HRA, 80C etc exemption.

Yes , there will be a increase in GST to cover these losses.

I don’t see any advantage in spending to boost economy.

Good for savings may be.

Goverment is selling LIC , Remaining Parliment IPO and RBI IPO may be coming soon on next budget

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how and from where can I buy the shares of such companies and the companies like NSE , cdsl , nsdl etc ; before the IPO ?

@HSL CDSL you can buy in NSE now its listed , Remaining NSE , NSDL , RBI, PARLIMENT those company IPO you can buy in NCDEX Its grey market

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ncdex is agricultural commodity exchange !
how can any1 buy pre-ipo shares there ?

first you register through aadhar card physically to NCDEX directly with any branch , RBI IPO the price is quoting 1800 RS Today last year 700RS , i have 3 qty of RBI shares @950 Rs,
NCDEX for commodity and grey market in india :innocent::innocent:

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sorry . I don’t understand what u say !
NCDEX is predominantly an exchange with leadership in the agri commodity segments

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