Unit selection for redemption - How to choose unit to avoid Exit load%


Suppose I’ve SIP in a particular fund for almost 2year, this fund has 1% exit load if redemption is before 365 days. I’ve few questions:

  1. Is there a way to know number of units aged more than 365 days?
  2. Is there a way to know units eligible units free from exit load (different funds have different exit criteria)
  3. Say, there are 500 units, out of which 200 is under exit criteria (1% before 365days) and remaining are free from exit clause (held more than 365days), if I sell/redeem 50 units would these be exit criteria free (No 1% redemption charges) or charges would be levied?



I also want to know this. @nithin :point_up_2:


Download the statement file from mutual fund house website or cams or karvy, it will include all these details.


Thanks, was trying to identify any quick ways. Specifically for investors having large amount invested spread across multiple equity/debut funds, having summary on coin itself of such details will help investors to avoid large manual operations. Hope Coin team notes this :slight_smile: