Unlimited loss for writers

Hey @nithin today i sold some PE option and to protect my capital i tried to buy 500 points away option and I got strike too far error ,

How do option seller protect their capital during black swan events

Also if sebi introduce new hedging system it will be useless

How do u guys plan to overcome this issue

We have found a fix for this. Give us 2 to 3 weeks more.


was it for Bank Nifty?

You should have worked on this earlier. U just said OI limit reached and can’t allow more positions. This problem existed for many years in Zerodha. Hope you find a solution.


@nithin : now that hedged position margin is reduced , when are you guys planning to fix the outside strike buying problem

We are working on something. Will take a few more weeks.

can you please tell what are you working on ? secondary account or something else ?

yeah something on those lines.

It has been a lot more painful for us, imagine not able to grow your business because of this restriction.


Its been 3+ years for this ? I hope it won’t take such time to fix this…