Unpledge charges

Question related to pledging and unpledging charges.

E.g. In January I Pledge 6 Lakhs worth of liquidbees in one transaction. I am charged Rs. 70 ( 60 + GST).
From February to July, I unpledge 1 Lakh every month once. So 6 transactions of unpledging

So what will be the total charges ? Rs. 70/- total or more ?

I am aware that this has been asked few times earlier, but I did not see consistency in the answer. In one case it was mentioned 60/- and no further charges. In another instance it was mentioned as 30 + 30 and hence the question. Please give the breakup of charges.

Thanks !

Check here on pleding, there are no charges for unpledging.

Thanks for the response. So the total charges will be Rs. 70/-