Unusual Obligation amount debited in NRML position

I have two commodity in overnight open positions
CARDAMOM17MAYFUT Buy @ 1315 on 05-04-2017 and LAST CLOSE 1277.1 on 07-04-2017

05-04-2017 ALUMINI17APRFUT Buy 1 @ ₹127.15
06-04-2017 ALUMINI17APRFUT Buy 1 @ ₹126.70
so ALUMINI17APRFUT Buy avg 126.925 till date

Below are list of debit amount from ledger report and I didn’t made any square off trade on these days and no other trades performed
06/04/2017 MCX Obligation Amount ₹3,227.59
07/04/2017 MCX Obligation Amount ₹2,970.00

someone please clarify why my money got debited during NRML ( over night position) ?

Broker has adjusted your unrealised loss from Ur ledger. I think it will change based on the close / settlement price of each day. Once Ur in profit in Ur position there won’t be any debit.

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Thank you @umabathy , now am clear.