Update needed for PI

If we square off some positions from holdings its showing as minus(-) qty in admin positions. When i try to square off all MIS positions from admin positions it automatically bought back the one which i sold earlier
for example i hold 20 qtys of Liquidbees and square off it morning and its staying in admin positions as below

In evening if i click square off all it automatically bought the CNC item back

Will try to add this additional feature in coming releases of Pi.

I too had this confusion.
But actually, admin positions are trades showing which are done today only and it will go off EOM.
Don’t square off again which means your getting back those again.

For example
Your holding 40 liquid bees last week.
Today you sold 20 which means, in admin position for today you = -20.
It doesn’t consider how many your holding earlier.

It’s better to maintain excel sheet mentioning how many you brought and sold to avoid confusion.