Upper circuit calculation

How to calculate upper circuit for next day 7th Oct 2020 If we know volume & total traded quantity for the present day (6th Oct 2020) ?

Upper and Lower Circuit are calculated based on percentage, also not all stocks have same Circuit Limit’s, they vary from 2%, 5%, 10%.

Eg, On 6th October stock XYZ closed at 100, if that stock has Circuit Limit of 10%, on 7th October, it will have Upper Circuit of 110 and Lower Circuit of 90.

You don’t have to calculate these values manually, whenever you open Market Depth window on Kite these values are already displayed there.

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I’ve tanla -BE share in zerodha account . It is BE series stock. How can I sell this stock on Monday 14th Dec ? Do let me know

Can you please tell the formula if its there? Can you tell me where can i get the list of circuit limits?