US and European markets are down. How will it affect Nifty today?

Some readers seems to confuse this post for “prediction”. This is the excerpts from my blog and it is a pre market analysis of Macro narrative of the global and local markets and how it is likely to affect out markets today. Analysis show possibilities that should not be confused with prediction.

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Pre market view for 10June


  • Market expectation that FED will not do anything to damage the record setting rally

  • US & European markets are close to all-time highs

  • USD Index continues to trend lower.

  • Asian markets are trading mostly in positive territory this morning


  • Uncertainty surrounding FED policy decision and economic forecast due tonight

  • DIIs profit booking continues

  • FIIs purchases are moderating

Global Markets: -Consolidating and on the guard

After record setting rally, European and US markets consolidated for second day awaiting FED policy decision due tonight. The sharp rally was originally caused by the massive stimulus from US and European central banks. Therefore, markets are obviously nervous about the upcoming FED decision.

Economists are also concerned about money printing and are looking for a hint from Federal Reserve. Therefore, the global market direction is dependent on what FED will do tonight.

ASIAN Markets this morning: - Mostly Positive

Asian markets are trading mostly trading in positive territory this morning except for Chinese markets. SGX Nifty is trading about 50 points above yesterday’s Nifty close.

Calendar events

Import, Export and Trade balance numbers will be released tomorrow after market closes. FED policy decision that is most important event for global market right now will be released by tonight.

India : How strong is Nifty?

Indian markets had been raising on the back of global risk on mood. There were no positive local triggers. Therefore, the FED policy decision assumes much importance for Nifty as well. FIIs purchases are moderating while DIIs continue to book sizable profit. Advance decline ratio for broader market turned negative yesterday.

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Mid-day update:

Snap Shot from premarket blog: :+1::heart_eyes:

… No danger for Nifty to go below 9950/9900 while uncertainty over FED decision is likely to keep the upside limited to 10300. However implied volatility would raise

why europe market is down today ? what is the news ? how can i find out? from where can i find out ?

EU markets are down because sellers are more aggressive than buyers today.

As for the reasons, there can be many but from what I can gather it is the possibility of liquidity tightening and the ongoing energy crisis.

why europe market is closed today ?

European Markets are open today @RLM

Just read a tweet from Michael Goodwell which says

Goldman Sachs says : $3.3tln of options notional, including $1.3tln of single stock options, expire on Friday. Second highest ever

Looks like this may possibly be an expiry play as well. Bottom ? Maybe sooner than later?