Us markets happy with IRMA

look here what IRMA did and why US markets were happy.

GDP lost in two cyclones is more than India’s GDP of 300 billion. Still Market feels happy. This way even if North Korea drops nuke bomb markets may go up.

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Sign of bull markets, market factors in the bad news and then does what it has to do - go up.

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American market is well developed & well regulated, people are much more ethical
American market sensed, not at the destruction but economical activities afterwards , Irma created benefit to many company"s like construction other than Insurance company’s . and also Irma created less havoc than anticipated

Adding further to the previous thread , i am adding a link How India benefited by IRMA

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But crude prices went up and it is very much bad for India than cotton. Crude prices directly affects inflation and we lost another rate cut for the year.

Higher price for cotton is good for millions of farmers than temporary higher price for crude, and rate cut (0.25%)is beneficial to minuscule of bankers especially foreigners , who sell real estate and cars, For formers it is Life & Death

cotton is sown by only few farmers, if economy growing, purchasing power will increase and all the farmers will get benefitted, in a way it is RBI who is killing farmers by holding growth in the name of inflation control. Look at onion and tomato farmers, they are losing. Govt has to balance on both sides, good price for farmers and low cost for everyone.

The Bank of England has raised the prospect of an interest rate rise as early as November, in an attempt to relieve the squeeze on living standards from surging prices and sluggish wage growth.