USDINR intraday trading

I am doing in USDINR intraday trading last 2 week proper money management but not profit can I do continue

Since last two weeks USD inr is sideways or direction less so do wait for trending move . Although USD inr behaves bizzire sometime.

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the only way to be profitable in intra day is by not doing intra day. good luck.


Currency usually doesnt move for weeks, then moves suddenly so much that lot of traders capitals are wiped out

Try it for few more weeks, and make your decision

For me I decided its waste and went back to Equity FNO lol

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Its better to avoid " Intra day trading in USDINR , in my experience " Positional trading " in USDINR is profitable

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please provide tip for positional. will it go up or down side ? USDINR

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I am not supposed to do so & i am not interested to provide tips , Only i can suggest ,that , since Currency trading requires less capital compare to Stock/index derivatives , learn option writing in USDINR and also learn TA & money management , From last September month, USDINR is in a trading range ( between 70.5 to 72 range , most of the currencies trade in a range only ) Its really a difficult task to trade a trading ranges , its a double edged sword If you learn theses things especially managing risk & money management , i am sure you will be profitable in future.

Intraday in currency futures won’t be profitable, I’m doing paper Intraday Trading with Currency Options (USDINR) and so far it does seem like it will be profitable compared to trading in futures, all I’m doing is executing strangle to profit from time decay. Let’s see how that goes in long run.

Trading range breakout in USDINR

Even on Hourly chart , long term trendlines are helpful for trading

Is Short Straddle or strangle profitable in USDINR? I am thinking to start… Can you please guide? Advance thank you