USDINR Short options contract settlement


I have sold 75.75 PE USDINR options expiring today 26-Jun-2020 at average price of 0.0700. Quantity is 160.
I have left the position open and not squared off my sell option position and the contract ended today at 12:30 PM.

RBI reference rate published today is 75.6349. What will be my square off price and how much will be my loss/profit ?

Could anyone please clarify? My broker is showing option closing price at 0.2743, which seems to be not consistent with RBI reference rate.

They will use the afternoon rate published by the RBI

I agree with you that there’s some small calculation or knowledge gap here.

My understanding is that it settled at 75.5 at 12.30, give or take a few cents

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RBI Reference Rate for yesterday was 75.4757 and on NSE Option Chain, 75.75 PE expired ITM with price of 2775.

You loss per lot is 0.2075.
So 0.2075 * 160 * 1000 = 33200 (plus Brokerage and other charges)

You can check it yourself on

Hi… Where did you get this value that RBI reference rate was 75.4757 ?

You can check this page

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Thanks a lot @ShubhS9