USDINR weekly option underlying

Made a stupid mistake today. I was trading 29th may options and was looking at usdinr june fut quotes. Sold usdinr 75.75 PE thinking that the underlying is udinr June contract, and it stayed well above my strike price. Later, i realised that reference rate for the day was 75.63. I made a loss on the trade because i was looking at the wrong underlying. Any suggestions on how to properly track the underlying for USDINR options trades for weekly and monthly expiries ? is the closest that you can get…

Some brokers allow tracking of “USDINROTC” (over the counter) contract on BSE currency exchange (BCD)

And sometimes you can see underlying price on NSE Nest trading terminal

Where on it ?

Open detailed quote of the futures contract where market depth also comes.

There in bottom right you can see underlying price