Useful link for traders

Friends, i have recently found 1 site which is quite helpful for traders. I thought i should share it with you. It gives EOD charts and almost all the popular indicators are available on this site. Link ->

Can you share link of those sites which you use ? It can be really helpful for those who aren’t aware of them.

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These are some important links from my BookMark panel:

First thing on my Mobile , when I wake up :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much, not just for these links that will benefit many people but also your helpful attitude. Most of the time i find your name in this forum wherever help is needed (And you reply to my silly questions too that i send you in msg) :joy::joy::grin:

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You can add also to the list. It has some ready to use screeners and also you can build your own custom screeners based on EOD and intraday data.I found it very useful.


Thanks sudheer for your answer


Thanks ganesh for help