Using multiple charts

can  i  also get a system which could provide me this facility of opening 30 graphs on a screen like this guy in the picture does... i know that he is using a commercial software but can retail traders at home  also do this or not....this helps in monitoring many  charts at  once ...if i want to trade any chart i can open it separately and trade ,also  keep a track of many charts ...

what are the disadvantages of using such a system --please explain...

You can do this on Amibroker, metastock and most of the professional charting platforms. You should also be able to do this using Zerodha's new trading platform Pi. But what is also important is your internet and computer speed, such a setup is quite resource intensive 

Hello Karan,

But before investing on such system. First you need to ask do you really need it. All those traders on TV and other education material, are people who trade more than 50 contracts in a day and get-in and get-out of the trade more than 20-50 times in a day, that too with good amount of money. If you eligible for all above then Nithin mention it rightly. Apart from software cost there is decent hardware cost also.

A quick alternative would be google finance, open as many browser windows as you want and arrange them to view all in one screen. It is almost live too.
If your internet speed is good, refresh rate will be good.

thanks man …

Thanks NIthin