Using NiftyBees for Collateral

I would like to use the funds in my NiftyBees holdings as a Collateral, however I am unable to identify how this can be enabled. Can anyone advice on how this can be done?

Hey @hrishirajr

Check out this support article. If you need help, you can raise a ticket in the same article.

Thanks. I did check it out, however I do not find the option to Pledge my holdings for NftyBee. I bought the NiftyBees yesterday. Does this need more time before they qualify to be pledged.

Yes, Scrips which haven’t been settled yet, can’t be pledged. When you buy a stock/etf the settlement takes 2 days. Check out this article for a detailed explanation.

You can only pledge stokcs/ETFs which are already in your Demat account.

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