Vakrangee Reversal

After 17 Days, today Vakrangee saw positive tick, investors were trapped because of continuous lower circuit of 5% before opening for over 17 days. So what are your thoughts… Should investors leave and book -50% loss?

Fundamentally company looks good and not to mention debt free company. Issue started when Vakrangee which is an IT company bought huge number of shares of PC Jewellers without any announcement.

Mutual Funds holdings are ZERO.
The question to ask , Why have they not invested if this company ?


Yeah… may be since the pc jeweller debacle, all fund managers exited.

But my question should investors exit ? (speaking of investors, I am talking about me also :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think it may show few upper circuits now, 5 or 10 or 20 no one knows

I think you can hold onto it with stop loss every day, so that if it falls towards LC, you exit automatically


can wait till quarterly results …that can give it direction…but till that where it will be…cant say…

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Excellent suggestion…

Also today EOD lets see if this comes out of ASM category and it is classified as 10% circuit then that will be very positive sign


Currently in NSE there are 192 Crores buying order pending, so you can’t buy Vakrangee if you want to. I am hoping it will stick to upper circuit for a few days, I am currently having a 55% loss :frowning:

Valuation guru Aswath Damodaran says most Indian IT firms are hitting retirement age

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That’s for investors, for trading IT trend is still bullish… we will wait for TCS Q4 results tomorrow…

Few upper circuits now. Purchased @129

You cannot even purchase…bcoz it’s locked in upper circuit.

Circuit is open now in vakrangee…

yap, I already exited booked 7600 rupee loss.! :disappointed_relieved::sob:

Yes better to exit with stop loss, now all nonsense is happening

Its become a casino now we dont know UC, LC or Normal trading

If it trades normally, circuit will change to 20%, then you can enjoy

in wich levels you had buy???


I did purchase it @129 :slight_smile:

We believe what we see in books and financial information. For a moment try to understand vakrangre business plan and you will be a axed that company is floating with lot of uncertainty around.
Lot of investors are doubting their business model. It is a trader stock. Enter n exit at your own risk.
Added some technical details here as well.

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This stock has manufactured fundamentals. It’s share price has also been manipulated most likely.

Just think why would PCJ fall less than 50% but Vakrangee holding just 2% in PCJ fall much more than PCJ? Lot of entities knowing real worth of Vakrangee dumped it. Even PCJ has better chances of giving positive return in next one year.

Stock and related entities are under investigation. More bad news expected. It’s in depth spiral. More like Gitanjali Gems. Focus your money elsewhere. No value here.