Valid till cancel order

Hello traders,
Can we place a limit or stop loss order that lasts for multiple day until executed or else cancelled by user like valid till cancel (VTC) order in zerodha pi??


As of now exchanges only allow orders to be valid for single day. So if your order is not matched it will be cancelled. But this would be great for us traders if we can place such orders.

Hope this come true in future. :slight_smile:

Though, exchanges does not allow such order but zerodha can do it for us by placing such orders again next day till canceled by the user. I think, some brokers like icicidirect is providing such facility.

I don’t know about icicidirect but yes, me too think that this can be done without violation of exchange regulations.

This has been a looooong standing request from many… hopefully this will get implemented sooner than later

Icici direct DOES provide

  • VTC orders (validity 90 days) and
  • Good Till Cancelled (GTC) orders. I know it because I have used their platform.

It would be great if Zerodha can also provide such features sooner than later! :slight_smile:


Not available VTC on zerodha. But available on ICICI Direct. But U can not sustain in market by considering expensive brokerage plan of ICICIDirect for more time

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Currently, order validity with all the Indian exchanges is only a day and all pending orders are cleared out by the end of the day. This happens because the exchanges clear their order cache memory at the end of the day, where all the pending orders are stored.

What certain brokers do is they mimic a GTC order by collecting all GTC pending orders after the market closes and they place these orders again as an AMO(After-Market Order) which will be sent again to the exchange when the market opens at 9.15 the next day.

At Zerodha, we don’t have this feature yet. We will keep you posted when this feature is introduced.


Well Explained, I got your post on my bookmark tab.

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Good till cancel is must have feature

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Rt now GTC feature is not available but can we have option to reorder the orders not executed and rejected just by clicking of a button in zerodha??


Exactly, Is it really hard for Zerodha to place a button for Re-order the cancelled order. where re-order would be an AMO.

In WealthBox (, All your cancelled Zerodha orders will appear as a notification the next day and you can re-try these cancelled orders with the click of a button. Hope this was helpful.

Disclaimer: I am the co-founder of WealthBox

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What is WealthBox?
Why Would Anyone Use WealthBox?

Any deadline for the support of VTC order implementation in Zerodha ?

Hi @nithin, can you pls share some tentative timelines by when Zerodha might have facility of placing VTC / GTC orders?

Even in case this is not in plans please let us know. Thanks


VTC is vital part of my trading stratergy.
Not giving this feature will force customers to look for other vendors who provide the same.

When we expect this feature ?
Atleast provide one button in order book to reorder amo again.

Hi can you help me to show to how to look for the cancelled orders in Zerodha via

I think it is really bad form on part of Zerodha to be opaque about this issue given that it is being raised by so many people.

The fact that you are not willing to give a tentative timeline or to clearly say your intentions regarding provision of ‘valid until cancelled orders’ raises questions about your capability to do it without increasing your costs substantially. I cannot think of anything you will lose by providing this option to your clients, so that seems to be the most sensible explanation for the lack of forth-coming disclosure from your side.

Nevertheless, without proactive information, I have to assume that you have no intention of providing this service anytime soon!