Valid till cancel order


This is a really important feature that a lot of us want.
Having a stop loss that lasts several days is an extremely crucial part of trading and i am surprised that Zerodha does not have this facility yet.


Yes Icicidirect has this facility. Valid till cancel VTC order.


No replies yet, at least some one from Zerodha can comment and say that this is not on block for this Fiscal year, or this is not their priority for now.


Yes been a while…@nithin, @siva is GTC/VTC in progress or not in your list? This is a real important feature hence request you to consider…Many thanks !


Yes, on our list and we are working on this.


@Streak: Cant you guys just add this and sell more of Streak ?


Hi @abbanerjee ,

We already are are working on it, and will be releasing it after releasing LIMIT and BO in the coming weeks.



You guys also pay nominal brokerage more than zero and then ask for enhancement one after other