Value of price when a condition is met?

@Streak Is there a function/hook available in Streak to store/use the value of price when a specific condition is met? Specifically, something very similar to valuewhen() function available in pine script for TV -

If this can be done in some other way as a workaround then please do share. Something like valuewhen() would be immensely useful.

With Streak, when your condition is met, the trigger is automatically fetched by the system. If you can mention your requirement in detail, it will help.

Thanks for your response.

Here is a hypothetical example - suppose my criteria for entry is as mentioned below:

  1. Current price (close[0]) crosses above 20 SMA (say at price X at the time of crossover)
  2. Go long if the current price (close[0]) goes above X + 2 * adx(10)

Now since I have no way to store/access the value of X, I can never calculate the condition for 2nd step.

Hope it makes sense.

This cannot be currently implemented in Streak since the function required for this has not yet been released

@Streak whether I can entered at particular price at specific price with SL like price at 50 EMA

Yes, you can get an alert when the price meets a certain number or if you want to enter in a certain range and then exit with other indicator-based conditions.