Vedanta delisting. Is good or bad? Should I sell?

I have shares in Vedanta with avg price 78. It is now going to delist from indian market. Can i sell it tomorrow?

Sell it. Samething happened in London stock market 2018. EXPECTING A GREAT FALL IN PRICE TMRO

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Oh ok

But they told that they will buy back shares at 87.5 on may 18. Now it is 89. Tomorrow it may go down more so if I wait for may 18, will they buy my shares at 87.5?

I too have the shares and I don’t think now anyone will buy them at a price above 87.5 so I think it would be better to sell them back to the company.

No. I don’t think delisted company will pay any dividend. The shares you hold might also become useless in my opinion.

I too have don’t know no option have to sell to company…

What will happen to the long term investors (applied buy & forget strategy), those who bought the stocks at a higher price than 87.5 & did not hear about this delisting?

I’ve 220 shares at avg price 180.5 Rs. I 'm holding these shares for 2 years, thought share price will increase.
What should I do?

Same question. I have at avg price of 170

My friend, that’s your thought. Reality is in front of you.
Maybe they ll buyback at the said price mentioned by them.

To all my friends who invested in market and cannot come to terms when in losses. I quote the old saying The Market Can Stay Irrational Longer Than You Can Stay Solvent


Most probably no one would tender his stock in above mentioned price so delisting offer would fail(in this price)or the price discovers in book building process should be very much above it.

Yes, there is a high probability, because voluntary de-listing not executed overnight. It takes time.

HI All,

Any idea what will happen to 28MAY2020 options if it delists on 18th May?

There’s board meeting on 18may. It is not an overnight process.

@VijayVardhan111 delisting cannot be decided by promoter and announced. Irrespective of board meeting decision shareholder approval through voting is the key for delisting.

If shareholders reject by majority votes then company delisting will fail. They may try again with higher exit price.

what is the delisting price? does anyone know?
i have at avg of 154 approx.

Who told it is getting delisted in first place?; Anil Agarwal cannot decide that first of all.


@cheko @shubham_8 and others please dont confuse yourself. Delisting cannot be decided at board meeting and next day exchange will delist the stock. Say vedanta promoter want to delist at 89 exit price.

Now it has to come for voting of each and every shareholder. Only if u guys vote in majority in favour of delisting the delisting will take place.

Suppose majority shareholders bought vedanta at 200 . No one will want to exit at such a cheap price of 89. So the resolution will be defeated in evoting. Delisting will not take place.

Anil has to again try with another exit price later

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