Very high margin for Bull Call Spread

Today I sold 2300 SEP HDFCBANK CE and bought 2320 SEP HDFCBANK CE . The maximum loss in this position is:
(2320 - 2300)*500 = 5000. (500 is lot size of hdfcbank).

For the above position, I am required to have 80,000 in my account. What is the reason behind this?

Those are charged by exchange, also after entering positions what if one close long leg? only option is to enable to enter and exit with two legs at a time. Broker can’t build these and only exchange should come out with these structured products.

This is a country for Cows. Try writing a Cow Call Spread, you’ll be benefited.


That STUPID SEBI dont know how to make a margin system , they are trying to kill volume in the market . let them go and see USA margin system thats a country , for indian we cannot get anything favour for business , this is easy of doing business they are advertising , first we want to remove the old guys in SEBI


Bawa, aapko USA ka visa aasani se mila kya??