Very poor performance of your web/mobileApp/Software


I am facing very serious problems with web/mobileApp/Software-

  1. If I have pending orders then sometimes orderbook is not fetched when clicking/refreshing the orderbook tab in web/mobile/sw all places.

  2. Today I was not able to modify my pending orders to sell which could have lead to huge loss for me (adaptor not responding was error). After 10-15 mins this problem was solved.

This can lead to very huge loss when your stock is in profit but you are not able to modify your pending orders because of problem 1 or 2. Traders are here to save some brokerage at zerodha but I don’t think with these frequent technical glitch it will be saved. Rather people can loose more money.

I am thinking of leaving zerodha if this problem persists because no one will take responsibility for my losses due to this.

Just for the information. This problem is not because of internet issue at my side. Its your technical problem.