View on monday market

What’s the view on monday market?

Depends on how US markets react today.
How Corona spread with new cases and how many ppl die over weekend.

Nifty will not go up but may stabilise at current levels.


most likely nifty wont trade above 10000 on monday, may hit 9200 levels and raise back above 10000 in upcoming days, lets hope good news frm foreign markets

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Most likely Nifty will open gap down and consolidate

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Usa data tells gap up

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Will depend on where US futures are trading, they open before Indian markets do on Monday, right?

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Most likely a gap up and the rally should resume and in the second half profit booking should come which should take nifty below 10k. Upside should be around 10300-400 which should be used for shorting

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based on OI & future positions in nifty it should stay up atleast in morning

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Nifty might be SIDEWAYS on Monday. Expected range 500 Pts that means… +250 to -250 Pts. Intraday volatility with high slippage will still be there.

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It depends on global market.
pre-market we can track SGX and DOW during market hours to anticipate the market movement
New statistics on cases will also have an impact on the market for Monday

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I see that market may have small bounce for the first half and then when European markets open, nifty may go down considerably.

Number of Corona cases in europe doubled over weekend. Italy 21k , Germany 5.5k Spain 7k … going up n up.

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It’s gap down guys…

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everything collapsed as well as hopes in the economy against the background of the pandemic

Markets are gonna fall down.

I have a bad feeling about tonight’s 8pm conference. Hopefully it’s not another lower circuit tomorrow!

Imagine another demonetization. Reason being we have get rid of all notes becoz corona virus.

750 Billion EURO bond buying from EU did not stop Euro50 from dripping 3% today. Situation is very bad, for every new measures, market is still digging down


Market is under tight grip of Corona, and is not following any technical currently. We did however see some smart buying happening on few stocks today but the delivery percentage is not that good.

I feel market has reacted to the formation of special economic task force by the Government, also DII’s found this valuation to be good enough to pump some cash and also the lowering of INR value made IT stocks rally today, however Markets are build with the participation from FII which seemed missing today.

I think good number of corona confirmed cases are going to surface during this weekend, and market will again fall back on Monday.

Broader market view is still on bearish side, with some heavy weights still need some correction .

Also dont forget guys , there are more people recovering from corona than infected.

Once it reaches endemic levels , markets will recover.