Viewing PI stock charts on separate monitors?

Is there any way to view charts of different stocks on different monitors?

I have 4 monitors connected to my PC. My intention is to set up 4 different charts on 4 individual monitors simultaneously and keep a watch on them.

Thanks in advance


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I called the support team to ask if that’s possible. They said yes it is possible call them tommorow moring they will tell you the procedure.

not sure if anyone is based out of India. I'm noticing at exact 12 AM country specific time, the Pi Chart stop functioning. Let's see what the support folks will come back with an answer but it sounds like the recent upgrade of Pi is taking system time instead of trading time....

I've been noticing this for the last couple of days ever since I upgraded to the recent version Pi


I too want to know the answer

I did some R&D and found the following answer from the user “Maverick RabidDog Iam”. This worked like a charm. Please refer to the below link:
A big thanks to the user "Maverick RabidDog Iam"

Thank you very much for your help. I will have a conversation with support team as suggested.

You are welcome.