Vodafone Idea prices ₹25,000 crore rights issue at ₹12.5 a share

Hi ,
I am currently holding 2100 shares of vodafone idea with avg price of Rs 44.00 . How this will impact to my current holdings. Please let me know.


The rights entitlement ratio is at 87 equity shares for every 38 held by eligible shareholders of the company on the record date of April 2, the company said in a statement.

So you will be given an option to buy upto 917 (2100*38/87) more shares at Rs 12.5 per piece. It won’t affect your existing holdings.

The share price might reduce however.

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@anshabhi @satyabrata_swain @dd2117 for 2100 shares not sold by 28 March the shareholder will get rights to apply and buy 4807 shares at 12.50 per share during 10 april to 24 april . one can also apply for additional shares availability subject to subscription level.
PLEASE note that the share will trade at trim down value from MARCH 29 being EX rights AS March 30 ,31 are trading holidays and April 01 is settlement holiday.

Thanks for replying …What will be the share value after the april 2. it will downgrade to Rs12.5 or still remains at current price i.e Rs 33.

So, when we have to sell those shares?,
I mean can we sell those shares on record date and still get those rights or do we have to keep it till 10 - 24 April?

@vibhor_goel you can very well sell ON OR AFTER 29 march as the share will trade WITHOUT RIGHTS from this date . you will get rights offer during april 10 to april 24.

@vibhor_goel @anshabhi @satyabrata_swain @Nikhil_Verma @dd2117 @Mehdi_Abbas : Vodafone turned EX right from today . Rights RENUNCIATION FORM will be listed at BSE under R group with code 750620 . from 10 april to 18 april . TRY IF YOUR BROKER ENTERTAINS DEAL IN THIS PHYSICAL SETTLEMENT GROUP.

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How can i apply for the right issue … Can anyone tell me the online process to apply .

ASBA process can be online if your bank is SCSB and your broker has the facility .

U could check this How do I apply for the rights issue of Piramal Enterprises?
If u need CAF download link, here it is. http://www.bigshareonline.com/Web_Reports/BOSSReports/RightsIssue/VodafoneIdead.aspx

I assume if you do that with option, I mean with protection your current shares should be at the level you bought them initially if I am correct here. Let me know how it turned out to you after that Vodafone press release ? Have you lost something in your stock ?