Volatily and turnover tax query

hello sir

somewhere on web i read about volatily tax. can you explain me the below example.

today 21st october in bank nifty there was much volatility. for example

if i have entered a position at
1)9:16 am say for example : banknifty 22nd october expiry 24200 CE at 480
and after that i exit the same position at 9:32 @ 630 that means i gained 150 points premium profit will be 3750 rupees

2) bank nifty 24800 PE 1:13 pm @ 245 and exit 1:35 @595 that will be gain of 350 points

sir considering the above two positions. .will there be any volatility tax charged to me?

and what is the turnover limit per year for FNO segment. how to calculate it? i have checked the statement on console in Tax P&L statement but its showing only partial turnoverā€¦

help me with this. thank you in advanceā€¦

stay safe god bless.

There is no thing such as Volatility Tax. Charges will be the usual charges like brokerage and other taxes, You can calculate the charges here.

There is no limit on how much you can trade and subsequently on turnover that can be generated.

To understand how turnover in Tax P&L report is calculated, you can refer to this post.