Volume after Sebi Margin rule

How much volume was down after sebi peak margin circular
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Can anyone share the reality of what’s in this for the discount brokers after this Tuqlaqi farmaan? Why are discount brokers rejoicing over this margin rule even though retail traders are shedding tears of blood? “Oh some people were giving extraordinary amounts of margins that could lead to their collapse”. Zerodha, Fyers and other discount brokers are giving this lame justification. If that was the case, keep it capped at what these wise men were providing and target those brokers having poor risk management. If it was a simple case of wanting volumes to reduce because their systems can’t handle the overload, then why were they going on an new account creation spree? Giving discounts, offering freebies, referral bonuses and what not. Why ruin the lives of existing traders to just increase the number of active account holders?
Every single trader who traders in cash market segment is crying aloud that this amount of volatility due to lack of volumes and severely reducing liquidity in all segments is causing SL hits over and over. Besides we know how we made profits better earlier and how terrible it has become now. Yet these brokers keep giving rubbish excuses to sing songs of praise of this draconian move by SEBI.