Volume Candle Colour Bifurcation

At any given minute, there will be both buying and selling of the underlying instrument. In the chart, the colour of a volume candle depend on the maximum of either buy or sell transaction.

Is there any indicator or anything that bifurcates each candle with percentage of red and green trades? @siva

There is no such indicator to differentiate Buy and Sell quantity from the Volume bar.

It is very much available, have a look.
I really wish Zerodha will bring it on.

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It’ll be very helpful if zerodha got it. @nithin

I don’t get this. How can someone buy or sell without having a counterparty? No of buy and sell is same always. If I have to sell 10 shares I would have to find someone who is willing to buy those 10 shares from me without that trade doesn’t takes place and volume just represents that.

You forgot the time factor.
Alternatively you can do this by opening multi TF charts
For ex. A 15 minute candle might be green but 1 minute 15 candles might have different colour with different times.