Volume profile website

Hi all,

Please let anyone suggest a website to see VOLUME PROFILE like in Trading view to see the high transactions.

Trading view asks for premium subscription. And zerodha is not informative as Trading view.

So anyone know answer my request.

Thank you.

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You can check out Volume Profile on ChartIQ:

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But ZERODHA and chart iq are same. Zerodha using chart iq. Witch is not detailed as trading view.

Try Gocharting.com…I think its free for EOD charts,realtime is chargeable.

Sabari, while TradingView limits the number of indicators you can use in free. If you have two indicators that can be combined through pine scripting - you can probably squeeze in the volume profile. You’ll have to research a bit.

For example, instead of having 2 or 3 EMA indicators, search for combined/multiple EMA indicator to reduce the usage to 1.

Having said that, if you’re planning to take trading seriously and you need something, make an investment in your tool. Whether it will help in your trading, only you can say. But TradingView is worth the investment imho. They had a nice offer during blackfriday sale btw.