Volumes and Prices

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I am nikhil and this is my first post so pardon me if I fail to adhere to any guidelines.

I have a doubt, if the prices r decreasing and volumes are also decreasing, could be sign towards a bullish pattern to form or the price to hike? If yes, why?

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You can read this chapter on Varsity to learn about Volume and Price relation:

I did read it but what I want to know if the decrease of price n decrease of volume could signal a shift in upward trend? Please answer this.

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bro… the above post clearly explains behaviour of price and volume… price decreasing and volume decreasing means the trend is weakening it could mean potential reversal but it might just be that big players are taking a breather and trend can resume downtrend… so there’s no definitive answer to this…

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Wonderful response, bro. Thank you so much :blush:

Bro one more question if u don’t mind.

Suppose I have short sold and a few candles later I see a candle with a very small body towards the bottom of the candle, this could mean the selling pressure is coming to an end and buyers could jump in, right? If yes, would u suggest me to withdraw my short sell position?

This shows that down trend ( decreasing price ) is not supported by smart money ( big players are not aggressively selling ) only retail participation is there. If the price is reaching towards a strong support then there is a high probability that it will move up but it may also go down…

Its depends upon your analysis , risk to reward ratio, style of trading… Etc…

Btw in general price will not fall or move up sharply…it always move in impulsive and corrective wave…

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