VWAP SuperTrend Condition

Is there a way to build a scanner based on this condition in streak?
Day low should not be below today’s vwap and supertrend in 5- or 3-mins chart. Any idea?

@Kunal_Streak or anybody. Kindly give your valuable suggestions pls

You can create the conditions to trigger scanner results when the Days low is higher than the Lowest VWAP level or Supertrend level within a specific range of candles. Refer to the below example conditions-

In the above conditions, the result will be triggered for Scrips that have the current day low higher than the Lowest Vwap value in the last 50 candles.

However, your requirement to select the lowest value of Vwap/Supertrend value throughout the day without specifying the number of candles can not be implemented currently. Have shared your requirement as feedback with the concerned team.

You can refer to the below links to learn about the functions used in the above condiitons-
Multi-time frame: Create (Advanced) - Streak Help
Period min: Create (Advanced) - Streak Help