Want 20 days EMA and 200 days EMA chart on your platform

I want 20 days EMA and 200 days EMA chart on your platform to trade easily on Zerodha itself because I don’t want to go on other platforms to check these indicators.

Once you add Moving Average indicator to your chart, you can configure them to the parameters of your liking, the default settings on ChartIQ are 50 and TradingView are 20, once you add these indicators, you can change their period to what best suits you.

You are requesting or ordering ?. These are basic indicators that any platform supports. Just configure them. There is a user manual on how to use kite platform.

It seems you are a complete newbie and most probably lockdown trader.
I suggest you to first learn and then trade.
Between which other platform you want to go for 20 DEMA & 200DEMA charts.
I am very eager to know about this very advanced plaforms!!

Man also will that other platform work on windows 95 and pentium p5 advanced pc that I have?
Or I have to buy new windows xp floppy disks as my pc dont have cd rom also.

@siva @nithin
I am hearing some serios rumors about this guy named Harshad Mehta. They are saying some serious fraud has been committed in BSE.
I called my broker from cochin stock exchange also to sell my shares. But he wont take guarantee of payout.
Is this all true. Is there way out for me. I will send my man with all the physical shares to banglore if you can get me a buyer.