Want an opinion about current economic condition


Ridham Desai even predicted that BSE to touch 100000 mark in 5 years and not in 10 years, I may call this too much outspoken though it is possible if we can compound it by CAGR of 24.6%.

After September Auto Sales Numbers.

Watch this very interesting video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E_wy6W_sOU

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where are all the guys who predicted markets would crash a month back? we are setting new all time high regularly. we should not jump around / get shocked or surprised by every analyst’s new reports. believe in our economy & keep investing with a proper strategy. i’m not making comments against anyone here so pls don’t get offended. we would do well by not spreading any panic. if you see FIIs had pulled out net 51k cr from our markets for past 6 months but DIIs have taken it higher so wonder what can happen if even FII start investing back…

Bears hv run out of all the lame reasons, pe is high, psychology, blah-blah immature, inexperience reasoning. They even not dare commenting nowadays!

But they r looking out fr every reason now n thn to come out of the cave😊
As a last resort they r now educating against stock tips!!!:joy: which is commendible though.

Golden quotes of legendary George Soros ~

“It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.”

Bears have lost opportunity & some money…
Its fine, Wrong Analysis, Come on get along with it. Move ahead not to go broke

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Have you checked their track record? How do you know they are reliable? Any idiot can predict something but listening to armchair analysts comes with perils of its own.
Is it all clear skies for the Indian Economy? Hell No!
Are we in serious trouble? Hell No!
Do we have problems? Hell Yes! But then again tell me which country doesn’t? It is important to look at these things objectively and take a call?

Economic forecasting is a bit like soothsaying, there might be coincidences. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Look, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out if the Indian economy is on a solid footing or not. Just remember the great depression WW1, WW2, Asian financial crisis, dot-com bubble, 2008 crisis, Euro debt crisis, taper tantrum couldn’t stop the markets!

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Taking help of foreign bear(georgesoros) fr Indian market, so funny :grin::joy: .
Better try with Indian bear(shankar sharma)…

See how the market has taken many bears for a surprise. it’s so funny that analysts predict 10% correction after 3 days of fall & the markets keep scaling higher after minor correction. As i stated when we were at 10k on nifty to keep faith in our economy & keep investing actively. Happy new year 2018 to all & hope to see good profits continue…