Want to be a intraday options trader?

hi i want to ask can we use spread strategies for intraday trading options. or simply buying or sell put call is better? i am an intermediate trader Iusually took position for 4 to 5 days. I want to become a intraday option trader so i am little confused to where to begin?

If you have an intraday spread strategy, of course you can trade intraday. If not, I would suggest you start by building a strategy for intraday options trading - it can be a spread position or directional. The goal is to have a good intraday strategy.A good place to start is to learn all about options and factors that affect option premiums.

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Their are a lot of strategies for option's which vary with market outlook (Bullish, Bearish, Neutral and Not sure) , you defiantly got to have a strategy in place before getting into markets, Selling both call's and puts don't make you money every day trust me market has to be flat etc..  I have attached a link below for more details on Option strategy that you could master and adopt while trading..

Option Strategies

hope it helped :)

i generally look for candlestick vol macd etc generally the direction and buy put or call what else i should take into the account for intraday