Want to trade in spouse name?

Good afternoon everyone…

Due to employer reason, I want to start trading in spouse name…
I have opened my spouse zerodha account…and I am planning to transfer my holdings in her account…
What should I do with my zerodha account?
Deactivate it or close it?
If I don’t close it, what is the disadvantage?
AMC charges?
What other things should I consider?


I just read that if I decide to close, I must download all statements and reports before going in for closing procedure…
Can someone guide about any other things to be careful about?

This depends on you, whether you want to close it or deactivate. If you don’t whish to use the account again, you can close.

AMC will be applicable if you deactivate it. However, if this is the only demat account you hold across depositories, and have holdings less than 50k in the account, it’ll be considered as BSDA on which AMC won’t be applicable.

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Thank you sir ji

@ShubhS9 sir
Good morning…

Sir, what would be the best and most cost effective way to transfer all my holdings in my spouse account?
Further, if the best way is gifting, how to manage scrips like GLS, goodyear etc which I think are not in the approved list?
Would appreciate your guidance.
Warm regards

Here’s how taxation on gifting shares works:

You can transfer shares using CDSL Easiest. You can check out the process here.

Thank you sir ji

I have read the article already…

My query is, is gifting the most cost effective way?
And secondly, what can be done about scrips like GLS or Goodyear etc

Thanks a lot!!

You can do either. Even CDSL allows transfer of shares between family member (You can use this method to transfer GLS, Goodyear and other stocks that are not part of our gift list).

Taxes on the gifting of shares are exempt if you’re transferring shares to a relative (including siblings, spouse and lineal ascendants or descendants).

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Thank you sir ji