Ways to create delta 0.5

Since future has delta of 1.

Can we create options combinations for delta of .5?

ATM strikes have .5 delta

Right. But it has theta in it.

Is there any options combination for creating half delta and 0 theta?

Haha. If you reduce your quantity to half. You get half delta

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How can I buy half lot of future?:wink:

Complain sebi to reduce lot size.

Bad joke!
There are ways which I forgot.
May be some one with good knowledge on Greeks could help.

Create an options spread

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Thats not joke. All you want is half empty glass without water…

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You can create credit spread where theta is in favour to you

If nifty at 14000 and your view is nifty to go Up
Then sell 14000 (ATM) and go to far OTM option like 13700 and buy one lot

Then Delta and theta work in favour to you if your view go right

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will be possible but when it comes to options you’ll also have to watch out for theta… maybe long futures with long put option with detla of 0.5 will make your net delta for the position 0.5 on long side, but changes in theta will affect your returns, so it will be complex to make it work.

maybe play around with any strategy builder and see how it goes…

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