We all know about famous investors like Jhunjunwalla's Damani's ,Veliyath's but why there is no famous Traders in Indian Market?

We all know about famous investors like Jhunjunwalla’s Damani’s ,Veliyath’s but why there are no famous Traders in Indian Market?

There are few notables like SAINT, ST in various forums, but why they hide themselves, what are they doing now? Are they really profitably trading now? If yes then why there is no information about them in public?

Those famous traders started own Training companies and busy making money in that instead of Trading.


My reply will be to become a successful investor we not only be very proficient in understanding business but also be very strong psychologically/mentally. Investing is an art and very fascinating journey with lots of ups and downs in life. Believe me trading can give you instant gratification but you never will get financial freedom. Actually we all ignore the power of compounding. In trading its just like your another job which will not make you rich. If you want to make enormous money investing is the only way.

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In my opinion Indian Markets are not much developed and our mindsets are changing slowly towards choosing Trading as a career. We have to accept that people who are residing in developed countries are way ahead than us in choosing Trading as a career.

A lot of future is awaiting before us. By the way after read this question immidiately my mind remembered me @nithin. Do you don’t think one person who is running a big startup earned money through Trading is successful trader.

Any person who is buying a stock with an exit in mind is a trader. So all these are essentially traders. It is almost impossible for shorter term traders to turn 5000 to 5000 crores. Hence even if they show up, no one is going to give them due credit.

Trading is a way of life according to me. You get into trades where risk to rewards are in your favor - be it trading stocks or trading a startup idea :slight_smile: or anything…