We need RCA for today's zerodha issue?

Every tech platform is expected to have some downtime but there should some written agreements which when breached zerodha should be responsible. I too work in tech in B2B fintech space and understand that issues do occur but we do have strict SLA and SLO when breached we have to compensate for ,not sure what and how that will be applicable here but please do something to address this issue, it’s been happening very frequently these days. @nithin

The platform is down for more than 90 mins now, not able to sell position. Very disappointed from zerodha.

We’re truly sorry for this, @shashank_chandak :pray::pray:

Will update you here with RCA and the necessary fixes that we shall undertake regarding the issue.

Sorry once again🙏

Hi @shashank_chandak

We have put in additional checks to ensure that the issue doesn’t arise again. We are still investigating the root cause and will share a root cause analysis (RCA) of the issue soon.

please create a ticket and someone from our team will reach out to you.