Web app vs Mobile app, Issues

On web app I cannot know in which exchange my stocks are aligned to. as the prices shown are from BSE exchange but I bought them on NSE. same with mobile app in holdings when i tap on a stock there it shows as BSE especially long term stocks and unable to understand what is happening with exchanges. is this issue related to Authorisation ?

You can read more here.

In a way it really does not matter in which exchange I bought the stock.
Then why I am getting the BSE prices and not the NSE one, and I only buy sell on NSE and not BSE then how come I am getting this issue.

Dont know how this will help, but on the contrary it is more confusing than options at present.

This was recently implemented change. As i mentioned above, you can add stock to your watchlist and sell on whichever exchange you want.

Selling part I understood but the price updates and the market watchlist that we already added has a difference and its troublesome. Now with this change we will have to add NSE and BSE both into the watch list which is burdensome. probably the change is implemented thinking of giving the best price to the user, but this might by little laborious and will have to watch at which exchange we want to buy or sell, is a bit tiring in experience.

One more doubt, how does the charges differ, I believe BSE charges are more compared to NSE. and how will it affect Buy and Sell across the exchanges?

Charges in both exchanges are almost same.