Weekly diary: 4 June- 8 June 2018


Weekly trading diary…



Trade as on 04.06.2018

Around 220/- loss of brokerage…


What happened with TATAMOTORS? I was waiting to short it around 2 pm, when Nifty was falling.

But it didn’t give a glimpse of any big movement.


In the morning market given me long entries and stoped out afternoon.

I thought market will move up and TATAMOTORS Consolidating from last few days and short covering will happen.



But dear at abt SL??


Hmm. Stop hit.

When I feel more confident I will take more risk ( Its also one type of revenge trading but it is working well for me). But I will not take risk more than 1 % of capital.


You seems to be a full-time trader…
What you do for living…trading or any business??


It did seemed so in the morning that TATAMOTORS would fall much further but it started crawling down slowly and slowly near the low of the day where it started going sideways ending all hopes of shorting it intraday…


Yes. I am a full time trader.


INR400 loss. Couldn’t take a snapshot. Hopefully tomo is a better day


Bro what is your capital? That looks like a huge loss.


Loss 1.61 % of my capital.

20 L is my capital.


Trade as on 05.06.2018


1.6 %… In total control…


June 05,2018



Hmm. Today also I lost. Its all common for me.

Maximum drawdown once I faced is 15 %.

Now I am at 3.5 % draw down from last two days.