Weekly diary: 4 June- 8 June 2018


Capital per trade varies.

At present I risk less than 1 % of my capital per trade


Trade as on 07.06.2018


I may have been on the other side of your trade…


Hmm. I actually missed the profit.

From last few days it is consolidating I am expecting upside.

Yesterday I missed. Today I doubt it may or may not move more. So taken less risk.

I think you shorted it right ?

May I know why you did short ?


Actually on office days I trade during lunch time…

At 13.25 on 5 min chart a bearish kind of candle had formed… Before 2 min I had missed a better shorting opportunity in Icici…
Hence I huslled in this trade without much analysis… Shorted @ 302 Target was 300.95

But I was wrong & hit my SL 302.7.

If tomorrow also loss then will have to stop for some days…


June 08, 2018


Today’s trade.
Small profit without brokerage!


Finally…Infy gave me Profit :clap: :blush:


Have anyone trade in finvasia? It’s frequently logout when i try to log in it say another user logged in .it seems that another employee of finvasia using my acc. Its happened many time today . Scary matters :scream::scream::scream::scream:


Trade as on 08.June.2018…

Will not be trading for few days…


Trade for 8/6/18


R u also not trading?? Or not posting??


Lupin 6% up…


Yes, saw it today. :joy: took a break from trading for a couple of weeks. Will be back next week.

Happy trading. :slight_smile:


Hi Mr. Gopal biswas, I’m interested to open finvasia account. Not an active trader and hence choosing the same. I know there were no opening charges. Need your feedback using finvasia.

Trust, security and no other hidden scams etc…

What about POA charges upfront 199/- and Customer address/ bank changes with charge of 19/-. Any other valid inputs will be greatly appreciated. thanks for ur response and support