Weekly & Monthly championship for intraday traders

Hi @nithin
Can we have a special thread for 2 categories.

Weekly & monthly tournament.

The participating traders will have to register their names with your admin staff & give them authority to post their trades on this forum at end of day.

Minimum capital requirement can be set as low as 5000 rs only to encourage small traders.

Afterall, its not the investment but percentage return on investment which will count as winning criteria.

This will bring excitement to this forum & boost overall participation. Also spectators will get to learn alot & more people would want to take part in this competition.


Spaceship bro,

That would be a great idea. I second you.

What’s the prize?

I would like to participate even if no prizes, just for excitement.

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great idea, as @Tintin runs weekly thread,

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Hey @Spaceship

How would you verify if the trades posted are genuine or a HTML trick?

Anyway, you should certainly devise a viable plan for the competition. We can take it forward after that.

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@Tintin, I think tradingqna can leverage crowd.in which is infact a Zerodha initiative for knowing Crowd sentiment with extension to Stocks.

Also, similar other Competition/Prizes has been stopped by Sebi earlier.

Yes, as I said earlier.

The participating traders will have to register their names with admin staff & give them authority to post their trades on this forum at end of day.

So the trades would be posted by zerodha’s staff on behalf of the traders. So no possibility of HTML strategy. :smile:

Afterall, it will be a professional competition & not just self posting of random trades by fellow traders.

P.S. This competition will be restricted only to traders who are having account with zerodha.

If other traders want to take part in competition, they must open an account with zerodha.

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Doesn’t open. Crowd.in

Why would zerodha staff spend their valuable time on this when there is already 60 day challenge?

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60 day challenge is self applicable to everyone.

But this weekly & monthly championship will be a competition amongst traders to perform the best.

It will give you excitement thrill, name fame, appreciation.

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But 60 day challenge is to challenge myself but here the proposal is to have a competition with other fellow traders? I think we could resemble it with “Indian Trading League” hosted by Samco Securities last few years.

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Doesn’t https://opentrade.in/ serves this purpose?

Opentrade is an advance platform to follow big successful traders.

I was talking about organizing championship for intraday traders.

Ok, crowd.in website is in disabled state. Try to google ‘crowd.in from zerodha’, u might get archived website.

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I am in if anything starts like this…

There would be great learning also…in my view…

Besides a handful of people, nobody seems interested for obvious reasons. :smile:

Most of the traders are making good profits in weekly trading diary already. :smile:

Great. :clap:

It might be possible that, some are not sharing their losses story :smiley:

is there any leader board for 60 days challenge I can see?